Your School Gets 10%

Your School Gets 10%!

August 14th-September 10th, 2013

Thank you for participating!

With your help, over $23 million has been donated to local schools from this program!

The Your School Gets 10% program is over, check back often for program updates, payment status and top earning groups.


eScrip enrolled groups
For groups enrolled in the eScrip program, the 10% Goes Back to Schools Program reporting for registered supporters will be included with the September 2013 reports. The target payment deposit of these funds is March 31, 2014. Redemption earnings will be paid in a separate deposit at a later date.

Groups not eScrip enrolled
Groups not enrolled in the eScrip program are paid by check. The target payment date of these checks is June 1, 2014.

2013 Earnings

Presentation High School $11,197
Apperson Street School PTA $10,431
Santa Cruz High School PTA $10,309
Dana Gray Elementary School $10,141
Kilo Middle School $10,056

Your School Gets 10%